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How to get an Upgrade/Update?


AOMrecord since version 2 informs you when a new version is available. You also get information how to install the new version.

A new registration or re-entering the license key is not necessary if the main version number hasn't changed; e.g. on a change from 2.0.505 to 2.1.512.

Rarely it may happen that you need a new key if there have been changes on your computer or your changed the operating system. Read here how to proceed in this case:

If the main version changes you need a new key that can be requested with AOMrecord's registration function only (Button b]Buy now[/b] on step 2 of the registration dialog). Entering an old key does not work.

If changing from one main version to another one you always should save the old version for the case that you want to go back to the old version. I do not offer backups or downloads of older versions.

Changing from one main version to another one is not free. Fair dealing exceptions may be available for customers who bought a license key within a certain time period before the appearance of the new version. This is always published in a newsletter and/or on AOMrecord's update page (Button Look for update now on the tab Info & Registration).

The time period for a free upgrade from version 1 to version 2 has expired.

Hi Thomas,

I want to put my registered copy of AOMrecord on a new computer.  I don't need to run the software on my old computer.   What do I need to do?   I tried just copying over the files.  I presume I need a new key?  

By the way, great software.  I use it all the time.

Best regards,


Hello Brian,

Just proceed as described here:

Thanks for the compliment. Please recommend to others!

Best regards



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