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License key error - How to request a new license key


"This license key does not confirm to your computer's data." – This message may be displayed if there have been changes on your computer  or operating system.

If you re-install your OS make sure that you give your computer the same name as previously and don't use different serial numbers! In such case we cannot calculate a new license key for free.

If you nevertheless need a new key proceed this way:

1. Execute step 2 of the registration inside AOMrecord and ask for a new key in the remarks field.

2. Check the upgrade box.

3. Additionally copy the old, not working license key without the brackets into the field that shows after you have checked the upgrade box (not into the field with the registration data or the remarks field). Make sure you don't copy the new registration data into this field, either. Don't forget to add a note saying what you want.

4. For a new key you must enter complete address and phone data that can be verified.

Ignore the confirmation email that you receive automatically.

If one of these data – especially the old key or the address data – is missing we cannot calculate a new key for free, because we are not able to verify that you already owned a valid key for the current version. In this case you unfortunately have to pay the upgrade fee because of the additional effort we have.

If the product was purchased more than 2 years ago the upgrade fee becomes due in any case.

Therefore: Always store your license key in a save place!


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