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Sound card without input to record what you hear


There are manufacturers who deliver drivers that do not have an input that lets you record what is just playing (Input WAVE/MIDI/CD, Stereomix, What you hear, Was Sie hören or similar is missing). This concerns especially to drivers for on-board-sound cards and those in notebooks.

In most cases one can use a driver from another manufacturer who uses the same or a similar chip set.

Specific I do have a Dell D420 notebook that has a SigmaTel High Definition sound card. The original Dell driver does not have an appropriate input.

There is a driver that delivers the input StereoMix which can be used for recording:

1. Click on Product Support.
2. Select Device Driver.
3. In the drop down list for Product select Notebook.
4. As Operating System take Windows XP.
5. Enter Sigmatel into the text box.
6. Click on search.

On the then displayed page I downloaded the driver [Sound/2000/XP] SigmaTel Sound Driver Ver XNOTE(LE50) and installed this one.

This driver is as well working with other computers that use this sound card from von SigmaTel.

If someone knows about onother replacement driver for another computer, please post a message here!

LG Thomas

BTW, with the mentioned driver the main mixer has influence on the recording, too. This means, that the mixer must be enabled and in a loud position to be able to record. If you don't want to hear the music you are recording, just plug a phone plug into the speaker or ear phone socket.

Some more interesting drivers may be found here:;?searchString=sigmatel


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